Tuning Pegs Machine Heads for Bass Guitars 2L+2R Set 4pc K815

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Set of 4 (2L+2R) singlechrome plated machine heads for smaller pegheads such as 4 string bass guitars. Turns smoothly at 45è_ for accurate and precise fine tuning tension adjustment. Features encased heavy duty internal gears with sealed lubrication and round vintage buttons.
For: 4-string Bass Guitars with2+2 configuration
Tuner Pegs:2-Left, 2-Right
Gear Ratio: 20:1
45è_ tab turning.
Material:Chrome PlatedDiecast Steel
Size: 33.2mm (width of head) 33.8mm (depth of machine head)

4 x machine heads(2L+2R), 4 x bushings, 4 x washers, 4 x screws.

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