Sardine Sport T63 Manual Curved Treadmill, 2-in-1 Walking & Running Exercise Machine, Max Weight 150kg


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  • Ergonomic & No Additional Power Supply required - The pedal of the treadmill adopts an arc design, perfectly fitting?to the curve of the foot. It is very ergonomic.

  • Unlimited speed -?Sardine Sport T63 Manual Curved?Treadmill is perfect?for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT),?it allows you to set your own pace and intensity at any time.?Push as hard as you can for maximum intensity, quickly and easily change your pace for cool down and recovery intervals.

  • Unique Modeling - Double handle design, the double handle design allows users of different heights and body types to maintain the correct posture when doing all kinds of aerobic exercises.

  • LCD workout data monitor - A basic, yet easy to read LCD display keeps you in touch with your exercise data. Quick interval settings allow you to keep track of your HIIT workout.

  • Adjustable Resistance?- with?4 levels of magnetic resistance, you?ll be able to adjust the resistance of any run to suit your own pace and workout. Different speeds allow you to exercise based on your physical condition, making the workout extremely effective.

  • Healthy & Comfortable - this curved treadmill is developed based on scientific evidence, providing you with the most natural running experience and helping you step closer to a safe, comfortable and healthy life.

  • Stable Frame - Safety in sports is essential, the treadmill running belt contains shock absorption and anti-slip treatment, 425mm width is more than enough to accommodate your running. The treadmill uses a powered-coated steel frame which ensures the stability of the treadmill during operation.

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